The Micro-Mobility Safety Wearable


Flasher is an easy-to-use, IoT-enabled safety wearable for riders of micro-mobility vehicles such as bicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters, and Segways, designed to tackle a wide range of safety issues that these traffic participants face. Its goal is to decrease the number of accidents these riders are involved in and to improve each users’s safety on the street.

Enhanced Visibility

Flasher prevents accidents by improving your visibility to the surrounding traffic. It provides gesture-based turn signal assistance and automatic braking lights.

Improved Perception

Flasher enhances your perception of the traffic that surrounds you. This enables you to react to dangers that you cannot see with your own eyes or hear with your ears.

High Usability

Flasher is easy to fasten around the upper arms and comfortable to wear. It is intuitive to use, handy to take along, water repellent, and has a long battery life.

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