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The safest way to ride your bike and e-scooter

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What is Flasher?

Love at first ride

Flasher is an easy-to-use smart gadget designed to increase safety for cyclists and e-scooter riders in everyday traffic. Simply snap the two armbands onto your upper arms, hop on your ride and immediately be safer on the road. From gesture-controlled turn signal to automatic brake light to continuous light at night - the Flasher gadget makes you visible all around.


Hand signalling is yesterday's news

The Flasher devices' gesture-controlled turn signal feature provides two huge benefits that reduce risk of accidents: firstly, users don't have to take their hands off the handlebar to signal, which means they are always riding steadily and have their hands ready to brake when needed. Secondly, the super bright LEDs in the Flasher wearables make sure that users are clearly visible during their turning maneuvers, day and night.

The automatic brake light ensures that cyclists and e-scooter riders are more visible to surrounding traffic participants — especially the ones following them — during abrupt braking manoeuvres. That way the brake light makes rear-end collisions much less likely.

Thanks to additional modes you are safer when visibility is poor, such as in bad weather or at night. While in Night Mode, the armbands permanently glow white in the front and red in the back — the turn signals and the brake light stay fully functional. Jogging Mode ensures optimal visibility when walking or running by constantly glowing with yellow light.

The armbands are easy to put on and take off thanks to our unique closing mechanism and even easier to use. The devices are convenient to carry around and water-resistant to boot, feature long battery life and a sleek design, all to ensure maximum usability for its users.

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How it works

Simple and smart

Tired of doing a hand signal when turning?

Alles im Griff: With the Flasher gadget you no longer have to take your hand off the handlebar to indicate the direction you want to turn; just lift your elbow briefly on one side you want to turn to, and the respective armband will start flashing yellow.

Covering your back when you brake hard

To avoid the traffic behind you from running you over when you suddenly have to brake hard, the Flasher automatically lights up red on both sides when you decelerate strongly. This keeps cars alert — and you, safe.

Benefits on the go

Get ready for the safest way to ride

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Our "Why"

Micromobility plays an essential role in the transportation of the future. Using bikes, e-scooters, and the like not only helps save the environment, it also reduces traffic congestion dramatically. To be a viable option, however, micromobility needs to be safe. That’s where the Flasher wearable comes in: We want to make all those who are willing to ride towards a more sustainable future feel safer on the road. Safer and more stylish.

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Together in the fast lane

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Where to find us

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