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Flasher presents

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Fewer accidents, more style: Flasher is an innovative micro- mobility safety wearable for riders of bicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters, and Segways. It is not only designed to keep you safer when riding on the streets, it makes you look good too.
What is Flasher?

Love at first

Level up your safety game within a few seconds: Flasher is an easy to use, wearable tech gadget designed to tackle a wide range of safety issues two-wheelers face in traffic. Just place the two Flasher armbands around your upper arms and watch them work their magic. Functioning as a turn signal as well as an automatic braking light, Flasher will make sure you’re always seen on the streets.


Hand signalling is so yesterday!

Flasher prevents accidents by improving your visibility to the surrounding traffic. It provides gesture-based turn signal assistance and automatic braking lights.

Flasher enhances your perception of the traffic that surrounds you. This enables you to react to dangers that you cannot see with your own eyes or hear with your ears.

Flasher is easy to fasten around the upper arms and comfortable to wear. It is intuitive to use, handy to take along, water repellent, and has a long battery life.

How it works

Simpel und Smart

Sick of doing a hand signal when turning?

With Flasher you no longer have to take your hand off the handlebar to indicate the direction you want to turn. Just twitch your elbow on one side, and the respective armband will start flashing in orange.

Scared of being run over when braking?

No worries, we’ve got you covered: When you have to brake hard, Flasher automatically warns the traffic behind you lighting up in red on both sides.

Benefits on the go

Get ready for the safest way to ride

Not only for early adopters: Become a part of the Flasher community and be the first to know about product releases, exclusive launch events, and innovative knowledge on the go.


About the why

Micro-mobility plays an essential role in the transportation of the future. Using bikes, e-scooters, and the like not only helps save the environment, it also reduces traffic congestion dramatically. But to be a viable option, micro-mobility has to be safe. That’s where Flasher comes in: We want to make all those who are willing to take the step towards a more sustainable future feel safe on the road. Safe, and stylish.

Our Partners

Together in the fast lane

It takes strong partners to be able to shape tomorrow today. To make our innovative ideas become reality, we have the best at our side.


Where to find us

Whether you have a question about Flasher or its features or just want to grab a coffee together – Drop us a line or simply call us, and our team will be all ears.

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